Community Empowerment

Community Empowerment Projects Stimulate Development Efforts

Outreach Uganda’s community empowerment efforts vary by location.  In each location, we analyze our overall efforts to determine what community services are lacking which are hindering our income-generation and education efforts.  Where are the roadblocks to the pathway out of poverty?

Home Ownership Project – Jinja

In the Jinja area where land is scarce and many of our women artisans live in dangerous slums, they are concentrated on improving the women’s housing.  Without help in securing a safer home, the women are roadblocked in their efforts to better their family’s life.  That is why we began our Home Ownership project in 2012.  After assisting our Jinja women’s group with their revolving loan fund in 2007 to 2010, home ownership became the top priority identified by the group in 2012.

Community School and Community Clinic Projects – Northern Uganda

In northern Uganda where land is plentiful, our efforts are concentrated on improving the families’ access to education and health care. Agwata is in a remote area of its sub-county and the existing health clinic was over 17 km away.  The closest government school was over 4 km away and it was extremely overcrowded with high teacher to pupil ratios.  Support of the community school and assistance in opening a community clinic were the Agwata women’s top two priorities when we met with them in 2010.

Facilitation of Spiritual Development – All Locations

In both locations, we are seeking to facilitate means for the  families’ spiritual development. We see that this is critical to giving them hope in their lives, to strengthening their moral and ethical character, and to helping combat the very negative effects of cultural witchcraft beliefs.