Agwata Community Clinic

Agwata Community Clinic – a Rural Africa Clinic Started in 2013

Because the next nearest clinic in Lamwo was over 17 kilometers away, our Agwata women’s group desperately wanted a clinic in their own community.  17 kilometers is a very far distance especially during rainy season when roads and paths are very muddy and impassable. Outreach Uganda helped their dream become a reality in June 2013 when the Agwata community clinic opened its doors.  This northern Uganda clinic in Lamwo district serves over 6,000 people in the surrounding parish of five villages.

Agwata community clinic in Lamwo. A rural Africa clinic.

The Agwata community clinic serves over 6,000 people. The next closest clinic in Lamwo district is a 17 kilometer walk away.

Northern Uganda Clinic Operating Data

In mid-2014, the district and another NGO trained seven specially selected people to be on the Health Care Unit management committee.  This committee helps oversee the rural Africa clinic operations and makes sure it is serving the communities’ needs. There are usually at least 600 patient visits per month depending on the season of the year. During the past two years during the height of malaria season, the clinic served almost 1000 patients monthly.

Immunization and Maternity Services Added

During the last two years, the clinic has added immunization services as well as the ability to provide routine maternity services, and pre- and post-natal care.  Village members constructed clinic latrines and an improved hut with a cemented floor in case any patients need to stay the night.

Agwata Community Clinic – Future Expansion Plans

An Agwata community member has donated land for a new clinic building 2 kilometers away from the existing clinic.  We hope to construct a larger clinic on this land within two to three years.  This clinic in Lamwo currently occupies a very small space which a community member allows the clinic to use gratis.

How Can You Help Our Northern Uganda Clinic?

Clinic Funding Vision

Our long-term plans center on helping the community raise enough cash crops on some of the community’s ancestral lands. This would provide funding for both the medicines needed by the clinic as well as funding the salaries for the clinic’s nursing staff.  In addition, the clinic’s management committee voted in 2015 to require patients to pay a small usage fee each time they use the clinic’s services.  This fee is waived for students from the Agwata School during school hours. I Owe Yous are accepted if patients cannot pay.  In the next three to five years, nurse and medicine sponsorships by donors are needed to help provide the needed funding.

Nurse Sponsors Needed in the Short-term

Please visit our Nurse sponsorship page if you would like to Sponsor a Nurse, or Donate for Clinic Medicines.