Child Sponsorship – Change a Child’s Life

Donate for Child Sponsorship

Please consider helping a child in need today. You can change a child’s life forever! Sponsor an African child  who is eagerly awaiting a sponsor as part of our Uganda child sponsorship program. Most of these children are children of our women who participate in our income-generation projects. Some children are not currently in school because of lack of school fees. Others can attend only sporadically as they keep getting sent home when their parents/guardians cannot pay the full term’s tuition and fees. Others are orphans who have no one who is willing to pay their fees. Our Uganda child sponsorship program serves children ranging in age from nursery (about age 4) to 10th grade, and even beyond as vocational or university students (as old as age 22) for selected students who are serious about their education or obtaining job skills.

Sponsor a Ugandan child. Change a child's life forever. Donate for child sponsorship now.

Change a child’s life forever. Sponsor an African child today! Make a child’s dream come true.

Uganda Child Sponsorship Program Helps Make Dreams Come True

More than anything, a mother wants her child to be able to attend school and get a good education. She will even feed her family only one meal a day if it means having more money for school fees to send her children to school. Sadly, sometimes even this sacrifice is not enough. There is just not enough money to keep all her children in school, especially when they reach high school. It is especially difficult for the women in our income-generation projects who often have two or three orphans in their household besides their own children.

This is where you, as a sponsor, can change a child’s life by stepping up to donate for child sponsorship. Most of these children are children of women participating in our income-generation programs, or are children who attend the Agwata school. This is because we believe that child sponsorship when combined with other specific targeted program help is much more successful than stand alone sponsorship.

How Does Your Donation for Sponsoring a Child Change a Life?

Your contribution allows a child to be part of our sponsorship program at one of three sponsorship locations: Agwata primary school, northern Uganda secondary, or Jinja.  Sponsorship monies are combined at each location to make sure each sponsored child:

  • attends school or vocational training
  • receives mentoring, encouragement and career guidance from our sponsorship coordinator
  • participates in our annual recognition and awards party
  • receives a mid-day meal at the school (Agwata location only)
  • benefits from product donations for school supplies or assistance with uniform costs (limited basis for neediest students)

As a sponsor, you will:

  • Receive a packet containing a photo and background information for your sponsored child.
  • Receive at least three letters per year from your sponsored child.  At your option, you may also write letters to your child including sending him/her photos, postcards, coloring pages, and more.
  • Receive grade reports to monitor how your child is doing in school.
  • Be able to give an optional family gift of up to $300 per year.

Uganda Child Sponsorship Program Details – Sponsoring a Child is Easy

Our expectation is that you will commit to sponsoring a child for at least one year. We hope that you will find this to be a rewarding experience that you will continue participating in our child sponsorship program for much longer. Child sponsorship amounts vary by the program location, but average $300 to $350 per year. You can contribute monthly, by term or annually. Contributions can be made by mailing a check to Outreach Uganda or by Sponsoring an African  Child online using PayPal or your credit card. For secondary and university students, we offer an option where you can be one of two or three sponsors for a child. Older children are more expensive because they must board at school so cost sharing makes it more affordable for sponsors.

The child sponsorship contribution amount depends on several factors:

  1. whether the sponsorship is for primary, secondary, or vocational school
  2. whether the program location is urban (Jinja) or more rural (Agwata or Kitgum)
  3. and exactly which costs are needed to be covered by the program.

Change a Child’s Life Today – Sponsor an African Child

Please email us if you have questions or would like us to contact you about sponsoring a child.  Please indicate if you have a preference for a girl or boy and/or any age preference.

Our child sponsorship coordinator assisting a student in our Uganda child sponsorship program

Jackie, our child sponsorship coordinator, assisting one of our sponsored students. Feb. 2015

Your child sponsorship donation can change a child's life! These sponsored children have the life changing opportunity to attend school.

Sponsored children from our Agwata school with backpacks purchased with sponsor gift monies.