Targeted Training for Women

Entrepreneurship and Business Training Helps Our Ugandan Women Succeed in Their Income-Generation Projects

Outreach Uganda’s training and education programs for the Ugandan artisans in our Jinja women’s group focus on teaching them entrepreneurship, business and leadership skills.  This helps develop the women into capable business women who can manage their own successful local businesses.

We are always excited to see more Ugandan women graduating from our year long women’s business training program. We have now had four classes graduate and a fifth business class began in 2016. Donate now to help one of our women artisans open or expand her business, or to help put towards the money needed for a new home as part of our Home Ownership Program for our Jinja women entrepreneurs.

Jinja women business training class graduates in July 2014

Here’s our third class of business and entrepreneurship training graduates.

Jobs are very scarce in Uganda, particularly for poor people with no connections and little or no formal education. It is difficult for us in developed countries to understand the concept of “no work”, and what it means to sit on the curb of the main street in your town with your sewing machine all day (all 12 hours of the day) hoping for a customer or two to use your services. That would be just enough money to feed your family that day.

In order to survive and have any chance at overcoming poverty, you must learn to create your own “work”. This gives the poor person a lot more potential than begging or being a “shop girl” in someone else’s retail shop or business (if you are lucky enough to find such work) for $1 per day.


Other Targeted Training – Agriculture and Teacher Training

Besides training for women in our income-generation groups, we also provide agricultural training training to both women and men in our agricultural groups, and to qualifying teachers at the community supported school in Agwata who want to upgrade their teacher training.  So far, we have helped three teachers either get their initial teacher license, or to upgrade their license. 

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