Education & Training

Outreach Uganda encourages its groups to provide targeted education and training in key areas to help each group progress more rapidly. We provide some training directly to the groups’ “executive committee” members (usually 10 to 12 ladies per group) in areas of management, leadership, business and personal growth skills. In addition, we utilize volunteers, university interns (from both the U.S. and Uganda) and local professionals and crafts people, to provide additional training to the beader groups. Some of this training may be contributed by OU while other training is actually paid for by the group with some of its yearly group bead monies. This helps make sure the training is relevant and valued by the group, and that the group is investing in its future. Some of the most popular training programs such as English and literacy, and computer skills, first began when an OU volunteer from the U.S. began the program on a short-term visit. After this initial volunteer leaves, our focus on sustainability results in having the group continue the program using native Ugandans who are knowledgeable in the specialty area. As an example, one of the group’s computer trainers, was a Ugandan university student who helped put himself through school using his monthly training stipend.

Our Training Efforts

Agwata - Our newest group in Agwata is excited about the start of upcoming beekeeping training which is being provided with a small grant from a church here in the U.S. In addition, our 2011 volunteer in Uganda, Alayna, will be an additional resource to the group (she received donated beekeeping training here in the U.S.) along with a local Ugandan women beekeepers’ association. Additional training focuses will include the use of solar ovens and solar lanterns, plus sustainable gardening techniques for personal gardens. Donate $25 now to buy one solar lantern or donate $100 to buy a solar oven.

Kitgum – The Kitgum group is expanding its tailoring and computer training programs which began in 2010. The group needs additional manual sewing machines for the group’s training center which currently has just 2 machines. Buy one new manual machine at $75 for the training center.

Jinja – The Jinja group is continuing training programs in many areas including: English and literacy, computer skills, tailoring, tie-dyeing of scarves, business skills and will begin new training in the area of polymer clay bead making.

Parent Training

With the hiring of our Ugandan child sponsorship coordinator in early 2011, we now have the capacity to provide additional training to our beaders and their spouses on various parenting, study skills and health education topics which will help our sponsored children in particular, and all the children in the beaders’ households, become more successful students and parents.

Children’s Education

Through its child sponsorship program, Outreach Uganda, has over 150 students sponsored from primary school to vocational training and the university, plus helps provide a lending library and holiday tutoring to both primary and secondary age students. We also offer scholarships for teen girls to further their education through the wood bead bracelet program, provide supplemental help to the Mityana school and orphanage, and partner with the Agwata village community in expanding and upgrading the local parent supported primary school with over 150 students in classes P-1 to P-4.