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No More Reading in the Rain: Two More Classroom Blocks Under Construction

As the 380 children of Agwata’s Cubu Parent School begin their second term, construction continues on a third classroom block. This classroom plus a fourth block will house the four youngest classes (nursery through second grade) which are currently found in a leaky mud and thatch structure. The Primary-3 class is currently held outside underneath a tree. Construction workers are anxious as they hustle to put the roof on now that the heaviest part of rainy season has begun.

Cubu School Building being constructed

The third class block at the Cubu school is underway! This photo shows the progress made through early May.

Students will likely move into the building once the iron sheet roof is added, although cement will still need to be poured floors and later window bars and doors will be installed. The P-3 class will then move into the mud and thatch structure, seeking some protection from the rains.

Having a safe and comfortable environment will allow these students to pay better attention and get more out of their studies.  It is the basic foundation to an education and a better future. We can now add desks and furniture since the rooms will be able to be securely locked.

If you would like to help donate for desks for the first and second graders and wooden tables for the Nursery students, please let us know! Each desk unit which seats 2 to 3 students costs $72. Twenty such desks are needed in each of two classrooms.  The Nursery classrooms need a total of 12 tables each of which can seat 5 to 6 students.

Thank you to many, many donors, both large and small who have made these two classroom blocks possible.  We received a large donation just this week which gave us the remaining money needed to complete this work!  Child sponsorship helps pay for the teachers, books and teaching supplies to run the school on a daily basis.  But it is these extra donations from our supporters across the U.S. which enable the buildings to be constructed.  We appreciate this so much as it helps ensure that education will be an important part of this community for many years to come.

Here's the "Before" photo from late February 2014 when we were just siting the buildings' locations.

Here’s the “Before” photo from late February 2014 when we were just siting the buildings’ locations.


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