See Our “Falling Leaves” Bead Mix

Recycled Ugandan Beads in Many Fall Colors

Fall is here in Colorado and we’re seeing many beautiful leaves here and in our travels elsewhere:

Beautiful fall leaf colors.

October Fall leaf colors inspires bead mix design.

That’s why we were inspired to create a special “Falling Leaves” bead mix which Jen, our office manager/bead party coordinator,  tried to craft to match the lovely fall leaf photo.  Take advantage of our October online special of 20% off all our beads plus free shipping for retail customers.  See our fall bead mixes.

Do you know someone who is a crafter, or jewelry designer and might like our recycled Ugandan beads?

Outreach Uganda Falling Leaves bead mix.

Outreach Uganda recycled paper beads – Falling Leaves bead mix.

How Do Our Women Craft the Ugandan Beads?

As always, our Ugandan beads are lovingly handcrafted by our Ugandan women from papers they purchase in the secondhand paper market.  So they are recycled papers which are not painted.  They are the original paper color, and if you see black or other colored markings on the paper, that is the writing (or pictures) that was on the paper. The biggest variety of recycled papers in Uganda is in the capital city of Kampala, which is a 1/2 day bus ride for our women.  They may spend an entire day trying to purchase the most beautiful papers possible!  They know that customers in the U.S. love colorful things and laugh at the stories of how we try to match our jewelry to our outfits!  In Uganda, all colors go with everything and anything!

Recycled Ugandan paper beads

Our Ugandan beaders , like Colline, are busy making many beads in both fall and holiday colors.

Once the women purchase the recycled paper, they then have to measure and cut it depending on the end size of the bead they want.  Oyella Colline is very proud of her creation. Currently, our Ugandan beaders are busy working on many fall color and holiday color beads that they know will be needed these next few months.  We are receiving weekly shipments of their beads. Look for many new color combinations in the upcoming weeks!


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