Two Agwata School Classroom Blocks Under Construction

We are excited to hear that the two cement and brick Agwata classroom blocks now have walls!  When we visited Agwata in late January and early February, we saw the foundations of both buildings which had been started during the time we were there.  Now, we have just received this photo showing the progress in the past month. 

Agwata School Children by class blocks under construction

Excited Agwata students in front of 2 new class blocks under construction March 2012

The entire community is very excited about these two classroom blocks which will house 4 classrooms plus the headmaster’s office.  Currently, the students population is overflowing the two mud and thatch buildings that have served the school since its opening in January 2010.

The 2nd photo below shows the P-3 class meeting outside under a thatched grass patio covering since there are only 4 classrooms in the mud and thatch building.  However, rainy season is now at hand and these children will sometimes get wet.   The Nursery class is also supposed to begin in May as soon as these buildings are finished.

Agwata P-3 class under thatched grass patio overflow area March 2012

Agwata P-3 class under thatched grass patio overflow area March 20


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