Uganda Child Sponsorship: Promoting Africa Girls’ Education

Uganda Child Sponsorship:  Help Africa Girls’ Education

Our Uganda child sponsorship program helps over 200 children stay in school but is especially designed to help promote Africa girls’ education. Statistics show that girls drop out of school earlier and at a higher rate than boys do. If a parent can afford to send only one child to school, they will almost always certainly choose the eldest boy. To help combat this cultural bias, our Uganda child sponsorship program, encourages our Uganda women beaders to choose a girl child to become part of our Uganda child sponsorship program. In the long run, this kind of choice will help increase the level of Africa girls’ education and assure that more girls both go to school and stay in school.

It’s not an easy task because there are many reasons why parents are tempted to keep their girls at home, never thinking that they are jeopardizing Africa girls’ education and limiting girls’ future choices. Mothers often need the help of girls when doing gardening, or for tending younger siblings while the mother works in the garden. Sometimes fetching water is so exhausting and time consuming that the girl misses out on half the school day. Before long she has fallen behind her classmates and can never catch up.

Northern Uganda classroom. Many of our sponsored students attend this primary school.

Many of our Ugandan sponsored students attend school here. This is a P-6 classroom.

 How Does Uganda Child Sponsorship Benefit Africa Girls’ Education?

Does Outreach Uganda’s program really make a difference and help keep girls in school? Yes it does! In our northernmost Uganda beader group village, we focus on girls in third to sixth grade and meet with them in a weekly after school program. Through establishing positive peer groups and weekly trainings on leadership and empowerment topics, we help keep girls excited about staying in school. Not only this, but we also work with both the parents and the community in general to help them understand why it is important for their girls to receive a good education.

For those girls who satisfactorily complete their primary level (U.S. equivalent of sixth grade), we promise to find a sponsor for them so that they can complete secondary school which is seventh to twelfth grade. For the 2014 school year, the number of girls in our weekly program increased from 79 girls at the beginning of the year to 96 girls at the present time. If we can find more sponsors, we can expand our program to another nearby government school. Read more about the hopes and dreams of some of our older sponsored students here.

 Uganda Child Sponsorship Details for Africa Girls’ Education

Happy sponsored student, Aciro Gloria

Aciro Gloria, age 8, was very excited when she was matched with a sponsor in early February this year.

By sponsoring a child, we will link you with one specific child who needs your help. You will receive his/her photo and personal story. If you like, you can write letters to your sponsored child, and be a mentor to him/her. Your sponsorship gives both the child and the family hope in the future, and hope that their lives can change for the better.

For as little as $21 per month, you can sponsor a younger  girl or boy at our northern Uganda Agwata primary school. This helps cover the cost of sending the child to school including a mid-day meal of porridge, and a small amount for school supplies.

To sponsor an older girl, you can be either her sole sponsor, or share the cost with a second sponsor since the cost is higher because older children are expected to board in school if they are serious students. See children awaiting sponsors here.


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