Uganda Project Coordinator Visits U.S. Nonprofit for First Time

U.S. Nonprofit Hosts Uganda Project Coordinator

Our Ugandan project coordinator, David Ocitti, recently returned to Uganda after spending three weeks in the United States for his first visit ever.  Our U.S. nonprofit, Outreach Uganda, was very excited to host him here in Colorado for twelve days before he left for California to attend a week long agricultural training class.

David Ocitti, project coordinator, at agricultural training in California.

David Ocitti, project coordinator (back center), at agricultural training in California.

While in Colorado, David’s schedule was quite busy as he represented our U.S. nonprofit and highlighted its activities and impact in Uganda. He spoke to a local church group, spoke at the downtown Denver International Peace Day, and visited a local Castle Rock elementary school where he spoke to the fifth graders. He was also able to meet with the C.U. Boulder student team that is currently working on a strategic plan for our northern Uganda clinic in Agwata village.

Besides his speaking engagements, David, saw the Colorado head office operations of our U.S. nonprofit first hand and was able to learn more about what goes into preparing for bead events, and shipping web site orders and bead party packages.  He especially enjoyed the open house we hosted for him where he got to meet many sponsors and donors. He also visited a small scale organic farm in Boulder with one of Outreach Uganda’s board members. While there he saw how water could be preserved in a specially made storage pond.  He also attended the last Rockies game of the season with another board member and got to experience Denver’s light rail system which is unlike anything he had encountered in Uganda.

Represents U.S. Nonprofit at Agricultural Training

David Ocitti speaking at downtown Denver event

David speaking at the Denver International Day of Peace event.

David’s most favorite activity while in the U.S.  was the week long agricultural training class in San Diego, California which provided much needed information on growing, harvesting and drying organic herbs, an important type of  cash crop in Uganda, and also the opportunity to interact with many other diverse class members from all over North America.  He was also fortunate to visit Disneyland in Anaheim as well as spend part of a day at the ocean.

“An important part of working in developing countries, is to help build the skills, knowledge and cultural understanding of those we work with,” said Carol Davis, OU’s president.  “It’s a two-way street.  We need to learn and understand their culture. But they too need to understand the western world culture.  So, we are very excited that David was able to visit us here in the U.S. after six years of diligent work as our project coordinator in Uganda.”

David Ocitti meeting with C.U. Boulder team.

Our C.U. Boulder international development class team meeting with David.

U.S. Nonprofit Functions Combined with Tourist Activities Too

David’s favorite tourist activity was driving over Trail Ridge Road in the mountains of Rocky Mountain National Park where he was surprised to see so many green trees growing naturally.  Culturally, he noticed that “drivers in America are much more respectful of each other and of pedestrians as compared to Uganda.”Denver with sponsors Barb and Eric.

David met Barb and Eric and many other sponsors and donors at our open house for him in Denver.

David Ocitti and Minnie Mouse at Disneyland

A taste of American culture: David with Minnie Mouse at Disneyland.


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