Ugandan Women Harvest Tasty Honey

Our Agwata beaders harvested their second crop of honey in late March.  They have an apiary area  in the bush not too far from the road which they started in mid-2011 with a special grant from a U.S. church.

Northern Ugandan honey is especially prized by customers because of its good taste influenced by the bees obtaining nectar from the plentiful shea trees in the north.  Our industrious Agwata women prepared a second apiary during 2012.  They hope to install additional hives by mid-2013.  Below, they are showing two U.S. volunteers one of their top bar hives which they named after previous U.S. volunteers.  The 2nd photo shows the group walking along a footpath through the bush to reach the beekeeping area.

Generating income from honey - new style hive at apiary in Lamwo, northern Uganda

Agwata women beekeeping project in northern Uganda - Lamwo


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