Your Bead Purchases Are Life Saving to Our Women

Your Bead Purchase Generate Much Needed Income for Our Ugandan Women

Our Ugandan paper beads make great gifts for the holidays.  And besides that, they are also life changing for the women who make them.  We work directly with over 200 women in Uganda.  They are standing by ready to make lots of beads and jewelry items for our upcoming holiday season!
Aber Lucy and Jinja Uganda beaders makiong paper beads.

Aber Lucy and Jinja Uganda beaders making paper beads.

The Ugandan paper beads make wonderful, low-cost gifts for teachers, friends, and neighbors.  It helps our beaders feed their families, buy needed medicines, and send their children to school.  On top of that, they are saving some of their bead earnings for down payment on homes which will be built as part of our home ownership program for our Jinja-based women.
Aber Lucy is one of our newer bead group members whose husband passed away in 2005.   She says, “My life is now easy.  I can buy food and pay school fees, and now I have someone to talk to [other group members] and I am so happy.”

More Wholesale Shops Needed

We sell beads online, at bead events in the metro Denver area, and at bead parties throughout the U.S. Can you help our women increase their earnings by hosting a bead party with your friends, selling beads at a Sunday at your church, through wholesalers, or at a bead event in your area?  


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