Jinja Women's Group - group photo with Carol Davis

Jinja Women’s Group with Carol Davis, Outreach Uganda president and volunteers

From 2007 to Now – Our Accomplishments Include:

With the Uganda Women’s Groups

  • established 3 village community groups
  • over 200 children are part of our sponsorship program within the 3 groups
  • Over $1,000,000 of paper beads and other crafts sold since inception
  • Sponsored leadership and business training, English and literacy courses, computer training, bead-making classes, and tailoring instruction
  • Instituted internal revolving micro-loan fund for our 3 beader groups
  • Formed HIV/Aids support group
  • Established scholarship program for specially selected high achieving beaders’ children to attend vocational school/university

For Community Empowerment

  • developed model of how to implement programs in future villages
  • Began a Girls’ Education Initiative to help keep P- 3 to P-7 girls in school – over 120 girls are now in this program
  • Partnered with community to establish a rural northern Uganda clinic serving 7,000 people in five villages.
  • Began focus on community-wide organic farming efforts in the northern Uganda community
  • Partnered with the community in the development of a parent primary and nursery school in northern Uganda with over 550 students  and 17 teachers from Nursery to P-7
  • Constructed four classroom blocks (eight classrooms and three offices) at this northern Uganda school