Community Empowerment Opportunities

Help an African Village with Important Community Empowerment Projects

Would you, your group, church, club or mission trip like to partner on a village improvement project? Being a village partner means your organization is willing to work with us and with a northern Ugandan village community or our Jinja women’s group or a project.  The exact program of assistance would depend on the resources of your group and could be scaled to the size and desired involvement of each organization. You could donate for a village project either financially or a combination of volunteering time and donating financially.

Help a village with community empowerment projects. Ideal for an Africa mission trip.

Help a northern Uganda village with life-changing community empowerment projects. All buildings were destroyed in a war. They need your help to rebuild their lives.

Partner with a Village on Community Empowerment Opportunities

As an African village partner, you would provide key resources (volunteers, money, technical expertise, etc.) to help with community empowerment. Some ideas are listed below.

Help a Village School or Clinic:

  • bringing solar power to the school and clinic
  • building cement block teacher homes (teachers currently live in mud and thatch huts)
  • training teachers in more modern teaching methods (most rely on rote teaching with little monitoring on whether students are learning)
  • expanding our Girls’ Education Initiative program to additional district schools
  • assisting the local Agwata clinic to expand or offer mobile clinics within the sub-county
  • assisting with expansion of the primary school and its programs
  • creating a regional vocational school

Help a Village with Income-Generation:

  • designing irrigation system powered by solar panels
  • developing new agricultural markets
  • teaching farmers how to raise profitable cash crops on a larger scale
  • agricultural assistance in deciding what crops to grow
  • organizing local farmers into informal selling groups to obtain better market pricing
  • mentoring and training existing local churches (local churches receive almost zero funding)
  • helping gain greater access to potable water and water for agricultural use, and improving water catchment
  • teaching effective home gardening techniques to the Jinja women

Other Community Empowerment Possibilities:

  • help our Jinja women as we begin the first phase of home construction in their new village to be!
  • help design the new homeowners’ association for the Jinja women’s housing development

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