Partner with a Village

Being a village partner means your organization is willing to work with us and with the village community as partners in helping rebuild the village. The exact program of assistance would depend on the resources of your group and could be scaled to the size and desired involvement of each organization.

Village Partners would provide key resources (volunteers, money, technical expertise, etc.) to help bring other services to the village in areas such as:

  • solar power
  • additional agri-business ideas
  • more agricultural-related knowledge
  • church programs and training
  • possible establishment of a local clinic or a mobile clinic within the sub-county
  • help in gaining greater access to potable water and water for agricultural use, and improving water catchment
  • further assistance in expanding the primary school and its programs
  • possibly creating a regional vocational school

Your organization can work with an existing village community or help create a new one! Outreach Uganda would provide assistance in helping form a CBO beader group in the community and in helping the women of the CBO group learn to generate income initially from craft selling and then from building their own individual or group businesses most likely involving agricultural endeavors.

Depending on the circumstances, we might partner with the community in building or expanding a local primary school through our child sponsorship program. We would offer our procedures, financial expertise, on site volunteers, and networks of contacts within the district to help our partners efficiently carry out their part of the work and encourage cooperation and clear communication with everyone involved.

Like a marriage, we would want to make sure we are compatible with compatible missions, development philsophies, willingness to help build upon each other’s work, and a desire for true collaboration.  As in any relationship, we believe that trust, integrity and honesty are of primary importance.  See our mini checklist for our criteria in seeking out community partners which are respected within their field.

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