Sponsor a Child

Sponsored child, Betty, is happy to be part of our child sponsorship program. Sponsoring a girl child helps keep girls in school.

Sponsored child, Betty (center), is happy to be at school with her friends. But there are many other younger children needing sponsors.

Child Sponsorship: Change a Life Forever

You can make a difference. Most of the younger children needing sponsors are children of our women’s group members in Agwata in northern Uganda. The women themselves have helped build the school for these children since the school is one of a handful of “parent supported” primary schools in northern Uganda. It is the most successful such school in Lamwo district of Uganda.  Most families at this school live on less than $1 per day. They can barely feed their families so it is a struggle to pay the required costs to keep the school running and to keep their students in school. Help from our Child Sponsorship program makes all the difference!

Sponsoring a Child Means a Child Can Go to School!

Your child sponsorship contribution helps cover the daily operating costs at the Agwata school.  Such costs include:

  • paying teacher salaries
  • buying curriculum materials, school supplies and equipment
  • providing a mid-day porridge meal for all children at the school

Equally importantly, your sponsorship contribution helps pay for our child sponsorship coordinator to provide encouragement, mentoring and emotional support for the sponsored children. As part of our sponsorship program, your contribution also provides for an annual recognition and awards party for sponsored children and their parents. In some cases, there may also be monies or product donations for school supplies or assistance with uniform costs.  If your sponsored child attends another school besides Agwata, then your sponsorship contribution should cover most of the school fees for attending that school.

Corresponding with Your Sponsored Child

As a child sponsor, you are a very important person in your sponsored child’s life.  We encourage sponsors to correspond via letters with your sponsored child. This helps to inspire the child  in his/her studies, and to strive to become successful students.  Besides letters, you can send additional paper items such as photos, postcards, stickers and coloring pages. As part of the child sponsorship program, your sponsored child will keep you updated by writing to you three times per year. If you prefer not to correspond, we can have a volunteer send occasional notes or words of encouragement to your sponsored child.

Sponsoring a Child is Easy

Sponsor a girl like Nancy through our child sponsorship program. A sponsored child is more likely to remain in school and achieve well.

Nancy was fortunate to find a sponsor in 2014 so she could join our child sponsorship program and  continue schooling. We currently have 8 older girl children needing sponsors in order to stay in school.

Just choose one of  our children needing sponsors, and add them to your shopping cart. You can choose annual, term or monthly sponsorship contribution options. Within ten days, you will receive your sponsorship program materials in the mail. You can exchange letters with your sponsored child, and also send them your photo and other paper items. If you prefer sponsoring a specific aged child that you do not see listed, please call or email us. We have additional children needing sponsors that are not on the web site.

For older children, our child sponsorship program is especially important for girls.  Secondary school (7th to 12th grades) is much more costly than primary school because students must board at the schools. If a family can afford to send only one child to secondary school,  they usually will choose a boy child.  We promise girls in our Girls’ Education Initiative program, that if they successfully complete primary school, we will find sponsors for as many of them as possible.  Please help us make it a reality for many girls to join our northern Uganda Secondary sponsorship program. Please sponsor a girl today!

Sponsor a girl now. Give the gift of education.