Volunteer Virtually, in the U.S., or in Uganda

Volunteer Virtually or Volunteer in Uganda with us and help make an impact.

Volunteer now. Use your skills to be a changemaker!

We welcome people of all ages to volunteer abroad with us in Uganda or locally at our Colorado office.  For some volunteer positions, you can also volunteer virtually. We have many varied needs. Some volunteers are needed on a regular basis while others are for special projects.

Examples of skills needed in the U.S. are:

  • marketing
  • fundraising
  • office work
  • small event planing
  • grant writing
  • email communications
  • web site skills including experience with WordPress and shopping cart systems
  • SEO
  • Product photography
  • and many more!

So whether you live near our office in metro Denver, Colorado or farther away in the U.S. or Canada, email us or give us a call. Find out how you can help make an impact in helping our Ugandan women and children overcome poverty! Find out more about Outreach Uganda’s work and projects in Uganda.

Volunteer in Uganda

If you would like to volunteer in Uganda, we ask that you commit to spending at least 7 days in-country.  Those who volunteer internationally in Uganda are responsible for paying all travel costs associated with their volunteering.  Complete our online form below and we will contact you to discuss how you can use your skills and passions to help Ugandan women and children, and the school and clinic in northern Uganda.

For volunteering internationally,  we especially need elementary teachers including ESL teachers, those with community planning and development expertise, agricultural and construction experience, health, medical and social work, alcohol treatment, jewelry making and product design, working with children, women’s studies and many more. Many volunteers find a project to do at the Agwata Primary and Nursery School.

Benefits of Volunteering Abroad or Locally

First of all volunteering is fun!  You can make new friends while making a difference in the world doing something about which you are passionate.  If volunteering abroad, we hope you will also inspire and learn from our Ugandan women and children and even the men in the Agwata community.

“A journey can alter the heart forever… When we step into these other places, we may be given a precious gift: a moment or a series of moments that can galvanize and sustain our commitment long after we return home… A learning journey can create genuine connections and help to pull us out of our observer status and into our fully connected humanity.” From book, What Can One Person Do?

If you can travel to Uganda for at least 12 days, you will have time for an optional trip to either Murchison Falls National Park or Kidepo National Park.  Both parks offer the opportunity to see many the big five animals of Africa.

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