Jinja Women's Group - group photo with Carol Davis

Jinja Women’s Group with Carol Davis, Outreach Uganda president and volunteers

Celebrating 10 Years of Accomplishments – 2007 to 2017:

Thank you to all our donors, volunteers, board members, bead and craft purchasers, bead party hosts, and wholesalers who have made this possible!

Income-Generation Accomplishments with the Uganda Women’s Groups:

  • Helped 4 community based organizations grow their groups
  • Sold over $1,000,000 of paper beads and other crafts
  • Helped over 200 women with income-generating activities
  • Instituted internal revolving micro-loan funds for our 3 women’s income-generation groups
  • Formed HIV/Aids support group

Education and Training Accomplishments:

  • Helped over 200 sponsored children attend school
  • Encouraged over 150 girls to stay in school through our Girls’ Education Initiative Program
  • Celebrated over 20 sponsored students graduating from university/vocational school
  • Provided training opportunities in leadership, business skills, English, literacy, organic farming, tailoring, and more

Community Empowerment Accomplishments:

  • Constructed five primary school buildings serving 600+ primary and nursery students and employing 18 teachers and 6 support staff
  • Partnered with the community on the development of this parent supported primary and nursery school, and building the community’s leadership capacity to operate both the school and clinic
  • Purchased over 6 acres of land for a women’s home ownership program
  • Established a clinic serving five villages and over 6,000 people in northern Uganda
  • Began focus on community-wide organic farming efforts in the northern Uganda community