Mityana School and Orphanage

 Mityana School and Orphanage

Maranatha primary classroom

Patrick Walusimbi in Maranatha primary school classroom in Mityana

Besides the Ugandan beaders, OU also provides targeted support to the Maranatha Integrated Schools Project located in Mityana Uganda. Mityana is about 45 miles west of the capital city of Kampala. Maranatha consists of 3 primary schools, a high school and a vocational school encompassing about 1,000 impoverished students, many of whom are orphans, and employing over 40 staff members. Maranatha also operates a nearby small 49 acre farm, and a chicken project which is located next to the vocational school. Patrick Walusimbi and his wife, Eva, started Maranatha over 12 years ago when they began accepting orphans from the community into their home, and shortly thereafter began providing for their education. As word of their generous actions spread, more and more parents and caregivers began bringing their children or orphans to them, often when they knew they were dying of AIDS and were fearful that their children would soon be alone in the world with no one to watch out for them.

Maranatha’s Vision and Goals

Two Maranatha primary students

Two younger Maranatha students smiling for us!

OU’s goals and mission are also encompassed within Maranatha’s objectives. Maranatha operates with a mission to “empower poor women, children and youth to overcome poverty and vulnerability to ill health through education, seminars, workshops, life skills development and enhanced access to social and economic development. Maranatha is committed to:

  • Rescue destitute children and defend their rights
  • Give these children free but quality education
  • Make vulnerable children aware of the dangers of HIV/AIDS
  • Fight stigma, encourage and counsel HIV/AIDS children
  • Support and provide spiritual growth
  • Provide food and shelter

    Lunch time at the Maranatha primary school in Mityana Uganda

    Lunch time at an outlying school in the Maranatha school system in Mityana