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Fair Trade - Empower Women through Income-Generation
Make a difference, Change a life with your paper bead purchase. All profits from beads sales go to our Ugandan women beaders and to projects and programs in the communities where our beader groups are located which we believe will have the most impact on helping the communities and beader group members overcome poverty. Most of our U.S. labor is volunteer. This is not a handout. It is a hand up which allows our beaders to build their own sustainable businesses that they can do in Uganda to support themselves and their families. We also provide in depth business and leadership training to help them run successful businesses. We endeavor to: "Change Lives. Overcome Poverty Together." To find out more, click the "Outreach Uganda" tab in the top right corner of the page or at the bottom of the page.

Handcrafted and Creative
Our wonderfully creative Ugandan beaders hand roll strips of glossy paper into a bead shape. The bead is not painted, but becomes the color of the paper that was used. Later, the bead is coated with a lacquer so that the beads can withstand rain, snow and moisture.

Colorful and Unique
By its very nature of being hand-crafted, each product is unique and hard to duplicate. We hope the necklaces and bracelets will fascinate you and that you will want to buy many of them. But we ask that you please be flexible as to the exact color of the product. Most items are blends of many different colors and many different shades. Paper beads also come in many shapes and sizes depending on the paper used. Our beaded products are made for teens and adults.

Meaningful Gifts
Besides giving a unique gift for birthdays and other special occasions, your purchase helps our beaders be able to send their children to school and buy much needed medicines. All purchases include our "How Beads are Made" handout plus a special tag which tells about the beader group that made it.

Be a Peacemaker
Our products help promote peace by helping those less fortunate earn money to buy those things that they need such as food, shelter and clothing; and to work for some of the things they want to make life good. We hope that you will find our products enrich your life. By buying these items where a huge percentage of the money goes back to the people that produced them, you in turn will enrich the lives of others. Isn't this where peace really begins?

How to Shop and Order

Begin shopping by choosing the "Shop Now" heading above. Our beaded products are grouped by color. Once you select your color, you will then need to choose the quantity. For certain non-necklace items, you may also need to specify a color. Then, click the Add to Cart button. Payment can be made via PayPal or directly with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express card. Our beaded creations make wonderful gifts. Because they are Fair Trade, it allows you to give twice with one gift: once as a meaningful gift to your family or friends, and twice as a gift of hope and caring to the Ugandan women and their families. You may also place your order by phone at 303/683-8450 (or 1-800-599-6654 toll free). Our office hours are 9am to 4pm (Mountain Time)Monday to Friday.

Wholesale Inquiries Welcomed
We love our wholesalers! To become a wholesaler, please complete the application form at the upper right corner of this page. Or feel free to email us at, or call us at 303-683-8450 (or 1-800-599-6654 toll free) for wholesale pricing details. Once signed up, you can also order through a special vendor login on our web site.

International Shipping
We frequently ship to Canada, the UK, Australia and many other countries. We ship via the cheapest method and do not insure your package unless you pay for either Expedited Shipping or Insurance. Please email us if you have any questions.

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