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GIGANTIC Chunky Bead

Our gigantic chunky bead necklaces are very popular and hard to keep in stock. Each necklace contains at least seven gigantic paper beads, and our beaders have spent extra time patterning these gigantic beads in with other regular size paper beads to make a stunning creation. No two necklaces are alike and color selection indicates only the general colors of the necklace. Please expect variations in the color and exact pattern from the photo shown. Gigantic bead necklaces range in length from 26 to 35 inches (as measured unhooked as a single strand). If you want to request a shorter or longer length within this range, please specify this under the "Comments" section during checkout.

Our gigantic chunky bead necklaces are lovingly made by our Ugandan women artisans. Your purchase of the necklaces and other fair trade crafts has been truly life changing for the women. Most of these women were living on less than $1 per day when we first met them. They use their craft earnings to buy food and needed medicines, and send their children to school. They are also happily saving up their monies to expand their small scale businesses, and to save for down payments on a very modest home.

All profits from our necklace sales help our 200+ Ugandan artisans, and their community members overcome poverty. We are a U.S. based nonprofit charity working on income-generation projects in Uganda since 2007.

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