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Donate-And Change Lives!

Some charities build schools, some build orphanages, some build water wells. WE BUILD LIVES. Your donation today will impact lives and change the world.

Help our 200+ Ugandan women beaders and their families achieve their dreams by towards three major projects that we are focusing on and which we believe will have the maximum impact on their lives. Money goes much further in Uganda than it does in the U.S. For just a small amount of money, you can make incredible things happen. Things that can have a dramatic impact on the future of one family, one woman or one child. We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization so any gift you make is fully tax deductible in the U.S.

Your investment in the Ugandan beaders' lives gives hope to their hearts, sparkles to their eyes, and joy to their lives. We know. We spend over 2 months each year in Uganda with our beader groups and can see firsthand how powerfully your gifts improve and then transform their lives.

Special priorities for 2015 are:
1. Building 2 more classroom blocks - at our northern Uganda primary school where our 3rd beader group is located
2. Helping our Jinja beader group begin their home building program - down payment money is needed for the first 10 ladies.
3. Maternity equipment and supplies - at our very rural northern Uganda clinic which serves over 7000 people
4. Provide student desks for our 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade classrooms where students are sitting on the floor. One 3-seater desk costs $60.
5. Expand our Girls' Education Initiative program which helps keep over 100 northern Uganda girls in school.

As one of our long-time supporters said recently, we can see you're changing lives! We do that only with your help which in turn inspires our women and families to have confidence in themselves and to persevere no matter what.

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