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Silk Scarves - Winter/Holiday

Our scarves are 100% silk and have been tie-dyed or hand painted by our Ugandan women. Scarves are one of two sizes: 10 x 57 inches or 13 x 68 inches. There may be slight variations in these dimensions. Scarves are either a light weight, see-through chiffon silk, or the more traditional softer, medium-weight silk.

Our beaders have spent 6 years developing their talents in hand painting and tie dyeing these silk scarves. We even have had a fiber artist in the Denver area help us in training them. We have been using more expensive silk fabrics since these ladies are now getting quite good! We hope you enjoy these scarves. The women truly have become great silk scarf artisans.

Did you know that bead monies also provide valuable training to our 200+ beaders besides helping the women feed their families and send their children to school? From 2013 to 2017, our beaders have received extensive business training and graduated four classes of business women. A fifth business training group started this year.

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