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Sponsor a Nurse

Sponsor a Nurse at our Clinic Today

Give rural Ugandan children the gift of health by sponsoring a nurse at our clinic in the remote Ugandan village of Agwata today. Your sponsorship helps prevent senseless infant and child mortality from easily treatable causes such as diarrhea. Our northern Uganda clinic opened in 2013 and serves over 6000 people over half of which are under the age of 15. Without this clinic, villagers would have to walk to the next nearest clinic which is over 17 km away. This is often impossible during the rainy season. The clinic currently operates with two clinic nursing staff. They are frequently overloaded with work especially during rainy season when malaria is rampant.

We need to find sponsors to help fund our clinic nurses' salaries each month as we continue to work on income-generation projects which will provide ongoing clinic funding in the future. Five sponsors are needed for each nursing position. We are a nonprofit charity working in Uganda since 2007. Our mission is to empower impoverished Ugandans, especially women and children, to overcome poverty through a holistic array of income-generation, education and training, and community empowerment programs. This clinic is one of three primary community empowerment programs.

Besides paying the nursing salaries, the other large clinic operating expense is supplying the much needed clinic medicines twice per year. If you can help with this, please choose the clinic medicines option below or email or call us if you would like to set up recurring payments to be an ongoing assistant with the medicines.

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