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Nurses in northern Uganda are very hard to find and we feel fortunate to staff such a highly qualified Nurse?Midwife position at our clinic. Our current Nurse/Miwdife, David, is certified to deliver babies in addition to having other comprehensive nursing skills which allows him to run the clinic on a day to day basis. We need your help to pay him a decent wage and to keep him here. We hope you would consider sponsoring this position for 2 years although of course, you can always cancel at any time.

We are currently working on a strategic plan to fund this clinic which opened in June 2013, on a long-term self-sustaining basis and hope that at the end of two years, we will be close to having that become a reality. The clinic serves over 6000 people located in 5 nearby villages including Agwata, Lamwo district, in northern Uganda.

In the meantime, we are seeking 3 more sponsors (for a total of 5) who will pay $300 annually to help support this very important position at our clinic and help make excellent health and maternity care a reality for this remote village where the next closest health center is a 17 kilometer walk away. So far, we have found three of the needed five sponsors.

Please sponsor this Nurse/Midwife position (David) today! You can pay $300 in one lump sum, $75 per quarter or $25 monthly with automatic credit card payments.

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