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* Achola Jennifer (bd 4/22/2000) Agwata 7th Grade

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**Sponsorship Amount: $27 per month**
Age: 16; Grade: Secondary 1

Achola Jennifer lives with her mother and five of her brothers and sisters. She is the second oldest. Her father passed away in 2015.

Jennifer’s dream is to study to be a midwife. She believes that she can create a difference in her family and help change the cultural belief that girls should not be educated too far since they are a source of dowry after marriage. In fact, her elder sister was married off at age 17 and now has 4 children.

Jennifer helps with cooking and fetching water and in her free time she goes to practice traditional songs and dances. She is also skilled at netball. She is very active in everything she does and is very disciplined too.

Annual sponsorship cost is $650. Jennifer needs one more sponsor to pay $325 for secondary school fees, some supplies and other sponsorship benefits. This amount can be paid annually, by term at $108 per term, or via monthly credit card payment of $27 per month. Additional optional amounts up to $300 total may be contributed during the calendar year as a special family gift.

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