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Odoch Jimmy (bd 4/5/2003) Agwata 7th Grade

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**Sponsorship Amount: $27 per month**
Age: 15; Grade: Secondary 1

Odoch Jimmy is the 3rd child out of 5 children. He has 1 sister and 3 brothers. He has lived with his 83 year old grandfather since 2008 after his mother passed away. His grandfather is a subsistence farmer who grows crops like sorghum, peas and simsim in Agwata village in northern Uganda.

At home, Odoch’s chores include digging. He also works laying bricks or collecting sand to raise money for basic needs. At school, his favorite subject is social studies. He is a very good student who ranked above average in his class this past year. His favorite food is okra, and he is very good at cooking it. Odoch likes to tell riddles and crack jokes. He also has a dog named Gift as a pet.

Odoch is active, social, obedient and creative. In the future, Odoch wants to become a civil engineer so that he can help the needy and also be able to construct a permanent house for his grandfather.

Annual sponsorship cost is $650 or $325 if 2 sponsors for secondary school fees, some school supplies and other sponsorship benefits. This amount can be paid annually, by term at $217 (or $108) per term, or via monthly credit card payment of $55 ($27) per month. Additional optional amounts up to $300 total may be contributed during the calendar year as a special family gift.

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