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Anywar Innocent (bd 9/3/1998)

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**Sponsorship Amount: $27 per month**
Age: 19; Grade: Secondary 3

Anywar lives in Agwata village in northern Uganda. He is a total orphan and lives with his stepmother. Anywar is the youngest of three biological children but now lives in an extended family of ten people.

Anywar helps look after his uncles’ cows and he also helps them to plow their gardens. Farming is the main economic activity done by the family to cover their basic needs.

Anywar is excited about moving on from the Agwata primary school and going to secondary (7th grade) where he will be a boarding student. Chemistry is his favorite subject and he wants to work hard to become a lab technician in the future. Anywar likes football and athletics as his hobbies.

Annual sponsorship cost is $650 or $325 if 2 sponsors for secondary school fees, some school supplies and other sponsorship benefits. This amount can be paid annually, by term at $217 (or $108) per term, or via monthly credit card payment of $55 ($27) per month. Additional optional amounts up to $300 total may be contributed during the calendar year as a special family gift.

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