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Kilama Innocent Omony (bd 3/5/2003)

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**Sponsorship Amount: $25 per month**
Age: 14; Grade: Primary 6

Kilama Innocent Omony lives in the village of Agwata in northern Uganda with his father and grandmother.

Sweeping the compound is Innocent’s way of helping around the home. A quiet, introverted boy, Innocent is studious and wants to become a priest one day with the hope he can change the world morally and spiritually.

Innocent believes school gives him hope for a bright future, and his favorite subject is social studies. He enjoys church fellowship, reading the bible, and occasionally soccer.

Annual sponsorship cost is $300 which allows Innocent to participate in the sponsorship program, covers most school fees, includes a mid-day porridge meal at school, and provides other sponsorship benefits. This amount can be paid annually, by term at $100 per term, or monthly at $25 per month. Additional optional amounts up to $300 total may be contributed during the calendar year as a special family gift.

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