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Lakica Patricia (age 10)

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**Sponsorship Amount: $21 per month**
Age: 10; Grade: Primary 5 (4th Grade)

Lakica is the 5th child out of 7 children. She has 4 sisters and 2 brothers. Her parents are both subsistence farmers. They grow cassava and beans. Lakisa’s father is lame and is the chairperson for the disabled persons. Currently, she lives with her aunt in Agwata village in northern Uganda.

While at home, Lakica helps her parents fetch water, cook food and look after her younger siblings, especially when her parents have gone far away to dig. Her mother also leaves Lakica in charge of taking care of the home when she has to leave in order to look for money to provide for basic needs. Three of Lakica’s older sisters have dropped out of school and are married.

Lakica likes to rope skip and read in her free time. She is also very athletic. She is good in the 2,000 M and jumping hurdles. Lakica is polite, obedient and hardworking.

Annual sponsorship cost is $250 for primary school fees and costs, uniforms, school supplies and supplemental food assistance. This amount can be paid annually, by term at $84 per term (3x per year), or monthly at $21 per month. Additional optional amounts up to $300 total may be contributed during the calendar year as a special family gift.

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