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Wood Bead Bracelets

Help 5 older Ugandan Girls Go to School. All profits from the wood bead bracelets and earrings help specially chosen older girls (children of our women beaders) continue their education: either completing secondary school, going to vocational training so they can have a skill and earn a living, OR going to university for a diploma (2-year) or degree (3-year) course. Your wood bead bracelet purchase helps make this possible.

These items are our only jewelry products not made with paper beads. The wood bead bracelets are made with small earth-tone wooden beads and stretch elastic so that one size fits all. Our newest product addition is our wood bead earrings which coordinate well with the wood bead bracelets. All profits from the sales of our wood bead bracelets and earrings help support our older girl scholarship program.

Wear your wood bead bracelet proudly knowing you have helped a girl finish her education--something most girls in Uganda seldom do.

JANUARY SPECIAL: 20% off annual loose bead sale, and 20% off all child bracelets in stock. FREE shipping on U.S. retail orders. Buy now and make a difference.

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