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Your financial contributions are what allows us to undertake life changing projects through meaningful partnerships with the women’s beader groups and the communities where we work. Almost all fund-raising and administrative time is donated to the organization, so your contribution can be used almost entirely for direct program expenses.

Your donations helps fund clinic, education and income-generation projects.

Your donations helped start the Agwata clinic serving 7000 people. Donations also fund a school with 400 students, and key income-generation projects for women.

We are a 501(c)(3) organization, so contributions are tax deductible in the U.S. Your investment in the Ugandan women, children and families gives hope to their hearts, sparkles to their eyes, and joy to their lives. We spend at least two months each year  in Uganda with our beader groups to personally provide oversight on expenditures of project funds. We can see firsthand how powerfully your gifts improve their lives and effect social change.

Five Priorities for Year-End 2015 Are:

  1. Chain link fencing around the Agwata school to help make our classrooms and teacher houses as well as our students, are safe and secure. Currently, there is no fencing around the property which makes it difficult for our security guard to keep watch over the property at all times.  It also results in many local domestic animals invading the school property especially during dry season.
  2. Assistance with cement block teacher houses. Iron sheets have been donated for roofing and the community is endeavoring to provide labor and as much local materials as possible.  However, the community desires to have all teacher houses converted to cement block from the mud and thatch huts primarily for safety and security reasons.  Twelve housing units are needed.  Estimated cost to assist with some outside sourced materials and some professional labor is $2,000 per unit.
  3. Student desks for 2 existing classrooms (2nd and 3rd grades)   Each desk costs $60 and can seat 3 students. A total of 40 desks are needed.
  4. Two more classrooms (1 building) at the Agwata school (block 4 was completed in fall 2015).  First graders and one class of Nursery students still need classrooms.  This will ensure that our very youngest students receive a solid start in their education and are in a safe and learning environment while their mothers work in the fields. In the meantime, these two student classes still meet in the dark, dilapidated original mud and thatch building.

    Uganda carpenters building school desks

    Kitgum carpenters building school desks. Our 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms need 20 desks each (cost $60 each)

  5. Hire an additional nurse at the Agwata health clinic. This clinic which opened in June 2013 serves over 7000 people in five nearby villages. Response has been tremendous and the two staff are currently working overtime almost continuously. We are looking for initial donations to fund the first year salary and then ongoing funding to be obtained through nurse sponsorships.
  6. Help fund home down payments for our Jinja home ownership project.  This will help our Jinja become homeowners so they can move out of the slums forever and permanently overcome poverty. We have completed the land purchase and are now ready to begin the home construction phase.  However, each lady needs to provide a down payment for her home.  Your donation will help the group fund down payments for the first batch of ten women who will own homes as part of this life changing project.

Donate now and make an impact!   

Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of U.S. law.As one of our long-time supporters said recently, “We know you’re changing lives!”  We can do that only with your help which in turn helps expand the women’s and students’ thoughts about what they can achieve in life. We strive to concentrate your donations in the areas where they will have the greatest impact for social change.