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Donate now. Your financial contributions are what allows us to undertake life changing projects through meaningful partnerships with the women’s beader groups and the communities where we work. Volunteers donate almost all fund-raising and administrative time to the organization. As a result, we can utilize your financial contribution almost entirely for direct program expenses.

Donate now. Financial gifts help women and children change their lives!

Agwata Nursery Students in Their New Class Building in July 2017. Thank you donors for your donations for the building, for the desks and for the preschool supplies!  Thank You!

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit working in Uganda, so contributions are tax deductible in the U.S. Your donation today helps women, girls and families in Uganda. It gives hope to their hearts, sparkles to their eyes, and joy to their lives.

We spend at least two months each year  in Uganda with our beader groups and surrounding communities to personally provide oversight on expenditures of project funds. We can see firsthand how powerfully your financial gifts improve their lives and effect social change.

Our December 2017 Priorities Are:

  1. Student desks for our 1st grade classroom.

    Each desk costs $60 and can seat 3 students. A total of 20 desks are needed. (Cost: $1200 in total. $60 per individual desk). As of December 1, we need just 9 more desks to finish this project.  The first grade class is the only classroom which has no desks at all.  The lack of desks makes it difficult for the children to learn to write properly since they are trying to write on exercise books held in their laps.

  2. Food for our 13 boarding girls at school – help girls study.

    • Help make sure our 13 boarding girls (sixth graders) have enough food to eat each term.  In 2017, we could only provide boarding during the 2nd and 3rd terms because there was not enough money for the 1st term. During 2017, food prices increased by 75% compared to last year due to the drought conditions that existed during 2016 and early 2017. We need $1000 for the next school term beginning in February 2018 to cover these costs.  Donations in any amount are welcome! It costs just $1 per day to feed the girls. Boarding at school improves the girls’ performance on their very important year-end exams in late November. Help girls study in the evenings versus being overworked at home carrying water, cooking and doing other chores.
  3. Miscellaneous school improvement projects and needs – financial gifts help teachers be committed:

    • Storage shelving and 2 locking cabinets for the school storage unit.  The locked storage shed keep the school books, teacher supplies, sporting equipment and food items secured from theft and from rats. Estimated cost: $1000
    • Teacher latrines, one additional set – The community provides the labor but we need to provide bricks, cement, iron sheets, lumber and nails. Estimated cost: $500
    • Additional solar panels so teachers’ homes and our 3 other school buildings can also have access to solar power for light, laptop usage and other charging. Estimated cost: $1500
  4. Build a small outdoor pavilion at the Agwata school – help children achieve their dreams.

    This will afford additional meeting space for our 5th and 6th grade students, and also provide much needed meeting space for our Girls’ Education Initiative program and even our women’s beading group which usually meet under a tree.  This makes it difficult or impossible to meet when it rains. (Cost: $2500)

  5. Help fund home down payments for our Jinja home ownership project – help women move out of the slums.

    Help women - your financial gifts can help Margaret achieve her wildest dream-- a new home.

    Your financial gifts can help Margaret achieve her wildest dream– a home of her own and a garden too!

    This will help our Jinja become homeowners so they can move out of the slums forever and permanently overcome poverty. We have completed the land purchase and are now ready to begin the home construction phase.  Each lady is providing a down payment of $1400 on her home which she has saved from her bead and business earnings.  However, we need to obtain donations of $6,000 for each lady’s home so that her financed cost portion will remain low.  Your donation is needed to help build the first phase of ten homes as part of this life changing project. We are working on common area improvements to the property in the fourth quarter 2017 and expect to start home construction by mid-2018 provided enough funds are available.

  6. Ongoing donations

    – We’re always looking for donations of:

    • girls’ new underwear sizes 10 through size 16
    • gallon size Ziploc brand (freezer style) storage bags which we use in sanitary pad kits. We provide these kits to girls in our Girls’ Education Initiative program to keep girls in school
    • suitcases (can be new or used– large size (29″ and 31″) to carry supplies to Uganda
    • contributions of $200 per suitcase so we can carry suitcases of supplies with us on our semi-annual trips to Uganda
    • classroom sets of reading books for 1st to 3rd grade students + science & nonfiction book sets for 4th to 6th grade students (know any teachers retiring from teaching that might want to donate these?)
    • soccer shoes – for children ages 10 to 16 (used is fine)

Donate now and make an impact with your financial contributions!   

Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of U.S. law.As one of our long-time supporters said recently, “We know you’re changing lives!”  We can do that only with your help which in turn helps expand the women’s and students’ thoughts about what they can achieve in life. We strive to concentrate your donations in the areas where they will have the greatest impact for social change.