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Outreach Uganda provides excellent education and training empowerment for children and aspiring entrepreneurs. Through our strategic partnerships, sponsors, and e-commerce customers, we get to lead the charge on three key initiatives in Uganda.

Agwata Primary and Nursery School

The Agwata School in northern Uganda is home to over 600 Primary and Nursery students and almost 20 teachers. The school is located in a parish of five villages with over 5,000 people. It is a parent-supported education center where Outreach Uganda can partner with local leaders to empower the next generation. As part of its outreach to the Agwata community, the Agwata Primary and Nursery School is helping students create a brighter future with excellent education.
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Agwata Community Clinic

The Agwata Community Health Center started in 2013 when the Agwata women’s group was in desperate need of a clinic in their community. The next closest clinic in Lamwo was over 17 kilometers away, too far away to provide essential medical treatment in case of emergency when you are walking on foot or riding a bicycle. Outreach Uganda provided a nursing volunteer, clinic medicines and funds to hire the first nursing staff. The clinic has been operating in a small cramped space provided for free by an Agwata community resident. The Agwata Community Clinic that is now serving over 5,000 people in the surrounding parish of five villages. Lives are saved and hope is found because essential medical treatment is only moments away. With the help of our generous donors, Outreach Uganda continues to provide contributions to purchase clinic medicines as well as fund two nursing staff positions at the clinic.
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Uganda Home Ownership Program for Women

Only a few years ago, it was considered almost impossible for a woman to own her own home in Uganda. The Uganda Home Ownership Program for Women is empowering qualified women from the Jinja women’s group to become homeowners by saving money for down payments, qualifying for normal housing loans as well as matching contributions from Outreach Uganda. Many of the women who are qualifying for home ownership are either widows, elderly, or HIV-positive, and in many cases, are all three. Most of the women participating in this home building opportunity are living in one-room rented houses in the dangerous slums of Jinja. Thanks to the Uganda Home Ownership Program for Women, these incredible individuals are finding hope and safety for the future.
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