Every Child Deserves a Great Education.

Outreach Uganda’s Child Sponsorship Program Gives
More Children the Chance at a Better Life.

Child Sponsorship :
Change a Life Forever

You can make a difference. Most of the younger children needing sponsors are children of our women’s group members in Agwata in northern Uganda. The women themselves have helped build the school for these children since the school is one of a handful of “parent supported” primary schools in northern Uganda. It is the most successful such school in Lamwo district of Uganda. Most families at this school live on less than $1 per day. They can barely feed their families so it is a struggle to pay the required costs to keep the school running and to keep their students in school. Help from our Child Sponsorship program makes all the difference!

Outreach Uganda Aims to Help
Every Ugandan Child Reach at Least Grade 10

When the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebel group first started terrorizing the country of Uganda in 1987, it displaced over 2.5 million people. Now that the LRA is neutralized, many young Ugandans who grew up in internally displaced person (IDP) camps had little to no education, formal training, or vocational training.

After spending over a decade helping sponsor Ugandan children, we see Grade 10 as a catalyst for sustainable growth. Ugandan children who reach Grade 10 with our support have a significantly stronger chance of elevating their family’s financial reality.

Since starting Outreach Uganda in 2007, our child sponsorship program helps cover the daily operating costs at the Agwata school in northern Uganda. Those costs include :

  • Paying teacher salaries and lunches.
  • Buying curriculum materials, school supplies, and equipment.
  • Providing a mid-day porridge meal for all children at the school.

Even more importantly, your sponsorship helps provide encouragement, mentoring, and emotional support for sponsored children and their families. Most of the families connected with our partner school in the Lamwo district of Uganda live on less than $1 a day. And yet, our partner school is one of the most successful schools in the Lamwo district of Uganda. How is that possible? Your support in sponsoring these amazing children makes this a reality.

How Does Child Sponsorship Work with Outreach Uganda?

Sponsoring a child is easy with Outreach Uganda thanks to our simple, easy-to-follow process.


Start by reviewing our list of children needing sponsors. Get to know their stories, see their personalities shine through what you learn, and choose one to sponsor.


Once you’ve selected a child to sponsor, our processing page gives you multiple options for how you want to contribute: annually, by term, or month-to-month.


As a new sponsor, you will receive a welcome packet in the mail. Included will be all the information you need to also start sharing letters and building a connection with your sponsored child.

FAQs About Sponsoring a Child with Outreach Uganda

If I sign up to be a sponsor, do I get assigned a child, or can I choose one to sponsor?

We encourage all of our sponsors to start by looking at our list of children where you can pick one to sponsor. If you’re looking for a specific situation or maybe there are details that are more important to you, our team can help find the right child to sponsor.

Are my sponsorship contributions tax-deductible?

In short, yes, as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, contributions to Outreach Uganda are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of U.S. tax law. We provide end-of-year documentation for sponsors and donors to help you track your donations for tax filing purposes.

How do I build a great connection with my sponsored child?

Your role in your sponsored child’s life is priceless. We love encouraging sponsors to write letters of support. This helps your sponsored child do even better in their studies and work toward becoming truly successful as they grow into adulthood. Besides letters, you can also send other paper items, such as photos, postcards, stickers, and coloring pages.

Part of our child sponsorship program means your sponsored child will keep you updated on how they’re doing by writing to you three times per year. If you prefer not to correspond, we can have a volunteer send occasional notes or words of encouragement to your sponsored child.

Beyond Uganda Scholarship Initiative

From Support to Accountability: Funding the Future of Uganda for Young Adults

We intentionally focus on sponsoring children up through Grade 10. The challenge is secondary school (Grades 7-12) is more expensive than primary school because students must board at the schools. Beginning with seventh grade, each child continuing his/her education must complete an annual scholarship application and required performance reports. All applications are then reviewed and the highest-ranking students are selected for annual scholarships based on the scholarship and sponsorship funding that is available for that school year.

Our scholarship program helps motivate students to focus on their educational and life goals, and achieve good performance so they can reach these goals. Student goals can be as simple as completing Grade 8 or 10 to become a better parent and community member, or more complex aimed at acquiring a vocational skill or becoming a successful, thriving professional in a particular field of study. Normally, more older students apply for scholarships than we have funding available funding to give. Your contributions to our scholarship programs mean more hard-working students can achieve their education and life goals.

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