We Believe in Fair Trade and a Bright Tomorrow for Uganda

Every Ugandan, especially children, deserves the chance to build a better future for their family, community, and country. With a war-torn history that ravaged Uganda for decades, many Ugandans are experiencing their first glimpse of true freedom and hope for tomorrow. At Outreach Uganda, we help empower children and their families to overcome poverty, earn an excellent education, provide a reliable income stream, and elevate their overall way of life.

We do that through child sponsorship, strategic partnerships with other organizations and donors, and fair trade e-commerce. We recognize that what we do is not unique to the world. There are many nonprofit organizations that offer child sponsorship, donor partnerships, or fair trade e-commerce.

What makes us unique is that we offer all of these activities to actively empower Ugandans in creating a better future starting today.

Our Founder

Meet our Founder

Hi, I’m Carol Davis, founder of Outreach Uganda. I have the profound honor of
helping support countless communities in northern Uganda. My life was forever
changed in 2006…

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