One of Our Greatest Gifts in Life Is
the Opportunity to Change Someone Else’s.

At Outreach Uganda, we believe in the power of true partnerships. Giving even a few hours of your time may not seem like much to you, but it could mean the world to communities across northern Uganda.


Donate to Outreach Uganda

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Outreach Uganda welcomes your tax-deductible financial and gifts-in-kind donations. With your help, we can continue to provide much-needed resources to war-scarred communities that are rebuilding in northern Uganda. As a donating partner, your support will help empower excited, motivated children, entrepreneurs, and leaders to create a better future for their communities.

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Donate to Outreach Uganda through
Company Matching or Required Minimum Distributions (RMD)

Additional contribution opportunities are available for Company Matching initiatives. If your company is interested in matching your charitable contribution to Outreach Uganda, we have a process for facilitating that donor match.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires individuals with qualified retirement account to begin taking minimum distributions from their account as part of the SECURE Act. This requirement is often referred to as Required Minimum Distributions or RMD.

If you’re interested in avoiding a higher tax bracket, you may want to consider donating your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) RMD to Outreach Uganda. Please contact our team to learn more about the process of donating your RMD to Outreach Uganda.

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We offer several different volunteer opportunities with Outreach Uganda.

Short-Term Trips to Uganda

We host short-term trips for volunteers to work with our Outreach Uganda team in Lamwo, Uganda. Our short-term volunteer needs are for teachers, community and development planners, people with agricultural and construction expertise; solar, water, and irrigation specialists; healthcare, medical, alcohol recovery counselors; jewelry designers, early childhood care, women’s studies, and more.

All volunteers are responsible for paying their travel costs. We ask all volunteers to commit to spending at least seven days in-country with our team.
Connect with our team to learn more about upcoming trips.

Host a Fair Trade Craft Party

You can help Ugandan entrepreneurs increase their product sales by hosting your own Fair Trade Craft Party. Imagine having a group of friends at your church, work, school, or club using your purchasing power to spark powerful change in the lives of our Ugandan women artisans and their families. We can ship craft packages to any location inside the continental U.S. You can choose which types of fair trade crafts you want included in your package.

We purchase our fair trade crafts from Ugandan women’s groups who receive a better than fair trade price for their products. They use their craft-making earnings to feed their children, pay school fees, buy medicines, and to help start or expand their small businesses they do in Uganda. Much of our U.S. labor is volunteer to help ensure as much craft party revenues as possible get back to Uganda. There, we purchase more Ugandan crafts and provide funding for education, health and home building empowerment programs in the Ugandan communities where we work.

There’s no cost to host, and the experience is incredibly rewarding. Ask about hosting your own Fair Trade Craft Party.

Host a Bead Party

Become a Wholesaler

A great way to support entrepreneurs through Outreach Uganda is to establish a wholesaler relationship. If you have a craft or clothing shop (online or brick-and-mortar), we have an easy way to get beautiful, authentic Ugandan fair trade crafts delivered to you at a wholesale price. Your support helps make fair trade an everyday reality for Ugandan women.

Contact us to become a Wholesaler

Adopt a Community in Northern Uganda

As a Community Partner, you would provide key resources (volunteers, money, technical expertise, etc.) to help empower greater growth and impact for future generations. You can help our village school or clinic with specific projects on their wish list, or helping a northern Uganda village or farmers’ groups, or the Jinja women’s group with additional income-generation projects. Please contact us  with your ideas or see our list of more specific needs in these areas.

Help a Village School or Clinic by :

  •  Bringing solar power to the school and clinic.
  •  Building cement block teacher homes (teachers currently live in mud and thatch huts).
  •  Training teachers in more modern teaching methods (most rely on rote teaching with little monitoring on whether students are learning).
  •  Expanding our Girls’ Education Initiative program to additional district schools.
  •  Assisting the local Agwata clinic to expand or offer mobile clinics within the sub-county.
  •  Assisting with expansion of the primary school and its programs.
  •  Creating a regional vocational school.

Help a Village with Income-Generation by :

  •  Designing irrigation system powered by solar panels.
  •  Developing new agricultural markets.
  •  Teaching farmers how to raise profitable cash crops on a larger scale.
  •  Providing agricultural assistance in deciding what crops to grow.
  •  Organizing local farmers into informal selling groups to obtain better market pricing.
  •  Mentoring and training existing local churches (local churches receive almost zero funding).
  •  Helping gain greater access to potable water and water for agricultural use, and improving water catchment.
  • Teaching effective home gardening techniques to the Jinja women.

Other Community Empowerment Possibilities :

  •  Help our Jinja women as we begin the first phase of home construction in their new village-to-be!
  •  Help design the new homeowners’ association for the Jinja women’s housing development.

State-side Volunteering through Our Headquarters in Denver, Colorado

We have many needs on an ongoing basis here in the U.S. Some positions require work to be done in our metro Denver office while other work may be done online. We need expert support from volunteers in the areas of :

  • Marketing
  • Fundraising
  • Office work, including data entry
  • Amazon and Etsy store maintenance/marketing
  • Grant writing
  • Email communications/newsletter
  • Social media – Instagram and Facebook
  • Product photography and Adobe Photoshop
  • And many more!

Whether you live near our office in Denver, Colorado or farther away, send us a note to see how you can help empower Ugandan families and entrepreneurs with us!

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