Womens Home Ownership

Uganda Home Ownership Program Helps African Women Own Homes

Purpose of the Women’s Home Ownership Program

Our Uganda Women’s Home Ownership program offers qualifying women in their Jinja women’s group the opportunity to become homeowners. Many of these women who are widows, live in one room rented houses in the dangerous slums of Jinja. Some women are very elderly and others are HIV positive.

Ornament Sales Help Women Own Homes

“Helping these enterprising women become homeowners is the final step in helping them overcome poverty” stated Carol Davis, Outreach Uganda’s president. The Jinja women have been saving money from bead and craft sales and small business profits since 2012. Pictured here are some of the Ugandan women we work with doing their beading so they can earn money for home down payments under the Uganda women’s home ownership program.

Uganda Women’s Home Ownership Program Details.

As part of the Uganda Women’s Home Ownership program, we hope to build homes that look like these two bedroom homes.

We will construct the homes using compressed earth bricks, and iron sheet roofs. Each home will have interior plumbing, an indoor kitchen and space outside for a small garden. We will build the homes in phases of 10 to 12 homes per phase as funds are available.

Jinja women beading to earn money for home down payments.

The women have been making beaded snowflake ornaments so that profits from those ornament sales can help provide matching funds for the homes. Buy a snowflake ornament. All profits from ornament sales go towards the women’s home ownership program. Some women now have enough money for down payments on new homes. This is amazing considering most were living on less than $1 per day when we first met them!

How Can You Help Women Become Homeowners?

  • Volunteer to be on our home ownership team to help provide guidance for this project. We need many varied skills such as construction, business, legal, fund raising, solar and more.
  • Donations of any amount are always welcome!
  • Volunteer to be a Home Captain.

Home captains can be an individual, group or business who will commit to raising $6,000 of one home’s total estimated cost of $12,000. And so, we need 10 Home Captains for each project phase of the Uganda women’s home ownership program.

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