We welcome people of all ages to volunteer with us either in the U.S. or in Ugnada.  We have many varied needs on an on-going basis here in the U.S. Some positions require that the work be done in our metro Denver office.  Others can be done online.  Examples of common types of skills needed in the U.S. are:  marketing, fundraising, office work, email communications, computer skills including experience with WordPress, and many more!  For Uganda volunteers, we especially need teachers including ESL teachers, those with community planning and development expertise, agricultural and construction experience, health, medical and social work, alcohol treatment, jewelry making, working with children, women’s studies and many more.   

If you are interested in volunteering in Uganda, we ask that you commit to spending at least 7 days in-country.  Volunteers are responsible for paying all travel costs associated with their volunteering.  Complete our online form below and one of our representatives will contact you to discuss your interests and availability.

“A journey can alter the heart forever… When we step into these other places, we may be given a precious gift: a moment or a series of moments that can galvanize and sustain our commitment long after we return home… A learning journey can create genuine connections and help to pull us out of our observer status and into our fully connected humanity.” From book, What Can One Person Do?

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