Donate for Clinic Medicines


We stock our clinic with the most urgently needed medicines twice per year at a cost of about $3000 each time. This is a huge undertaking. In order to make this possible, we need your support. Please email us if you are able to be an annual supporter of this life changing endeavor.

We are currently working on income-generation projects which will hopefully cover this cost in the future. Patients are also required to pay a very small user fee if they are financially able. The patient user fees enable the clinic to purchase small amounts of medicine in between our semi-annual re-supplying times.

Special note at September 2019: In 2019, malaria has been rampant in the area. September to November is the worst rainy season of the year and we are expecting a continued above normal caseload. Can you donate for extra malaria treatment medicine and malaria test strips? We fear running out. In total, we would like to purchase $1000 in extra malaria-related medicine.

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