Health Clinic – Malaria Medicines, Immunizations, Ante – Natal Care

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The nonprofit health clinic in Agwata continues to grow, but we need your help to provide the needed clinic medicines and supplies especially those to test for and treat malaria as well as provide ante-natal care and immunizations for infants and young children.

The clinic is re-stocked twice per year. A small fee (less than 50 cents) is charged to help assure medicine is not wasted or misused. Your gift of $100 will provide most medicine needed at the clinic for one week.

Do you know a U.S. doctor’s office, health facility, or church or women’s group that might want want to sponsor the needed medicines for 1 month ($500)? This very rural northern Uganda clinic serves over 6,000 people located in six villages within an 7 km radius around the facility. Patients often travel even longer distances to visit our clinic at certain times of year when it might be the only facility with medicines.

We are a 501(c)(3)nonprofit organization and your gift is tax deductible as a charitable contribution under U.S. tax law.

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